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    Editing a Fast Formulas for and how can I add a mass enrollment in a absence balance plan for all employees?


      We have been having issues with absence management for quite some time in my organization, particulary due to balance issues. We currently have two absence plans: one for Accruals (the previous years absences that carryover to the next year) and one for each Country (in my case, Spain). We believe the issue lies in the fast formula which each plan is based off (see screenshot), and then the overall enrollment and dates selected for enrollment start date and end date. Since it is impossible to edit this on a per employee basis, we need first to correct the fast formula for the current plan, and then enroll on a mass scale each employee in this plan, since it seems currently many are just enrolled in the Accrual plan, not the absence plan. Working with Oracle Support, this isnt so much a bug as an implementation issue, and without having much experience with absences management and fast formulas in Fusion, any help through here would be greatly appreciated on my end.