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    EDI setup in oracle b2b


      I am trying to set up edi in oracle b2b with AS2 connection .


      To start with i did a minimum mapping  of UNH/UNT segement  can created the  TPA .


      The wire message generated does not have UNOA /UNB segment - that could the reason the message is not recognized at partner side .


      Please advise  on edi setup to get the wire message generated correctly .


      And how to change the  sender type of  business message from name to AS2 identifier

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          Dheeraj Kumar M at Accenture

          With the question, it looks like you are trying an outbound flow. Please follow these steps at highlevel


          1. Create an ecs/xsd using document editor. Ensure that you do not have the envelop (interchange and group segments) in that ECS file, as B2B will add the envelop during the runtime

          2. create a document definition from admin screen

          3. create a partner (host and remote) and add the identifiers - InterchangeIDQualifier, InterchangeID, GroupID, AS2. You can have multiple entries of these and use only one in the agreement screen

          4. create the channel (AS2)

          5. create the agreement and add the identifiers. Save, validate and deploy


          Name identifier will always be there along with AS2 identifier

          Note: while doing the mapping in XSLT, atleast map all the mandatory fields so that it recognises the get a valid message. You can check the App Message XML to see if the mapping is correct and native EDI message (wire message) is generated based on this App Message






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            Hi Dheeraj


            Thanks for your reply .


            I have enabled validation and other setups done . The message passes the validation - but the payload have no interchange headers .

            And received negative MDN  .

            On partner side , the message/ agreement is  not being recognized .


            Hence the questions here is -


            Though  message pass validation - why does it still lack headers ?


            And why  is the message not getting recognized though transport headers have correct   AS2-From and AS2-To ?


            I can see the message have Sender Type as Name while MDN have Sender Type as AS2 Identifier .


            Not sure if this causes problem , but How to change the Sender Type from Name to AS2 identifier ?

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              Dheeraj Kumar M at Accenture

              couple of points.


              1. please check the App message (XML Message) of this particular run, if the message received is complete (without Envelop)

              2. try to validate the wire message using document editor to see if it throws any error. If it gives any error, then it should give the same error in B2B as well

              3. AS2 identifiers are passed as part of HTTP Headers and not as part of message. It might not cause any issue, with my knowledge. Hope you have added the AS2 identifiers in the agreement for both host and partners


              Just a minor thought to deploy the agreement again after enabling the validation, as this is a common mistakes that people do. and re-test.




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                Yes the application message xml  seems ok with out envelops


                I am not able to validate the wire message in document editor as it lacks headers



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                  The issue is resolved with correction of ecs file in document definition - thanks for your help

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                    Dheeraj Kumar M at Accenture

                    what was the correction required in ECS? ..

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                      The ecs file only included at transaction level in document definition