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    Get source code of built with apex project


      I want to download oracle apex project
      https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=131101:3:2043493883046::NO::: .

      Is there any ways to download or purchase built with oracle apex projects.

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          The APEX developer GUI has an APEX application export function. The APEX installation zip includes a Java commandline export program called oracle.apex.APEXExport.


          These enable one to export an APEX app as a SQL script - which in turn can either be imported via the APEX developer GUI, or run via SQL*Plus.


          These exports excludes static contents the app may use on the web server.

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            Hilary Farrell-Oracle



            I could be wrong, but my assumption is that you wish to download a copy of that app, which doesn't belong to you.  Is that correct?  It doesn't look like the app developer has provided a download option via the UI.  Only the owner of that application, if they chose to do so, could provide you with an export of that app.