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    Oracle Outside In Technology - Filter out not supported embedded files from Microsoft documents


      We are using oracle outside in technology to extract raw data from files.

      We have an issue with documents that have embedded files that are not supported but are still extracted as binary string.

      Is there a way to extract these files without there binary embedded documents.


      For example:

      Word document has an embedded .dtc zipped and .pdb files.

      When extracted - word is extracted with .dtc zipped and .pdb binary strings.


      Extracted document tags examples:

      <document type="ASCII Text" name="Release/IndexUpgradeToolConsole.pdb">

      <document type="ASCII Text" name="module.dtc">


      Do we have a way to send a configuration for outsidein to filter out these non supported file types?


      ProcessOLEEmbeddingModeValue - This is not an option as it is relevant for OLE documents only.