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    application users in a runtime environment

    Krisztian, Hegyvari



      We plan to install our application in a runtime environment, hence we won`t have the admin. We did not want to implement our own user and rights tables, so we wanted to use the built in authentication and authorization methods. When we created the application we asked Apex to generate the administration pages, but if I am not wrong this does not give me any option to administer the apex users. Is it possible that we need to write our own user administration pages using the apex plsql apis if we go down this route but still want to have an administrator to create normal application users in the runtime environment ?


      What is the best practice to administer users in a runtime env without using an SQL prompt directly?





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          Just make sure that workspace user access is what works for your app. Should your app share the workspace with another app (or apps) that also uses default APEX user access, all APEX users created by it, will have access to your app - and all APEX users deleted by it, will be permanent and deny access to these users, to your app.


          Thus keep in mind that APEX users are relevant to the workspace and all apps (using default APEX authentication) in that workspace - and this should be managed globally via the workspace, and not managed (and duplicated) at app level.


          I would rather look at OpenLDAP for access and user management - this does not tie security for your APEX app down to the local workspace it happens to run in.

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