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    Allow specific file formats into Content Server while check-in




      We have a requirement to allow only few file formats which needs to be checked-in to Content Server. We have written the below code to do the same in Rule:

      <$trace("#all", "#console")$>


      <$trace(strFileName, "#console")$>

      <$exec rsMakeFromString("rsTempFile",strFileName,"ext")$>

      <$exec rsSetRow("rsTempFile", rsTempFile.#numRows-1)$>

      <$if strTrimWs(rsTempFile.ext) like "jde|png|doc|xls|xlsx|docx|jpeg|pptx|pdf|xps|jpg|stg|bmp|txt"$>


      <$abortToErrorPage("\n\n This file format is not allowed.")$>




      When we try to checkin any other file formats which is specified in the code it gives the error.


      But, when we have newly checked-in a document into content server, it checks-in the document but when we try to update the metadata it gives the below error:


      Event generated by user 'weblogic' at host 'host name:16200'. csDpSideEffects(File_Format) Error evaluating server script expression.


      This file format is not allowed in Content Server. [ Details ]

      An error has occurred. The stack trace below shows more information.


      !csUserEventMessage,weblogic,host name:16200!$!csDpSideEffects,File_Format!csDynHTMLServerScriptEvalError!<br><br> This file format is not allowed.
      intradoc.common.ServiceException: !csDpSideEffects,File_Format
      *ScriptStack UPDATE_DOCINFO_SUB