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    Right click produces wrong menu after windows update

    Aleksander Stopar



      My workstation got updated to Windows 10 build 1809 and now the right mouse click behaviour changed and produces wrong menu; when clicked first it selects the item under the mouse cursor, then at second right click I get this menu. This is the menu I get with a right mouse click on anything (it shows always the same menu, regardless of what was clicked on):


      Please note in the picture above mouse was positioned on the table TAB2 - that is not a correct menu to display.


      I tried:

      • reinstall of SQLDeveloper for windows
      • separate install of JDK Java SE 8u191 and SQL Developer for other platforms


      Unfortunately, nothing helps.


      to run it I have to directly double click on sqldeveloper.exe in its installation folder. If I try to set some paths before launching it to use OCI form Instant client for connections, then SQL Developer does not even start but errors out with :

      vjava.lang.IllegalStateException: Problem creating splash screen on ETD.


      This is my script wich was working fine for 6 months before update:

      set Path=C:\work\prg\Oracle\instantclient_18_3;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem


      start /B C:\work\prg\Oracle\sqldeveloper\18.3\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.exe



      Am I the only one with problems with SQLDeveloper after upgrading windows to build 1809?


      Nothing else was changed on my workstation - I need it for work so no toying with it, installing/uninstalling unneeded software and such. And even then, things brake


      Right now I have an workaround by using SQLDeveloper inside an VirtualBox Linux VM (yes, the irony - the little engine that could), but it is not a setup I'd ike to keep.


      Just to clarify: right mouse click works fine in other apps and windows, no problems with that. The system is virus and other malware free.


      Help me get SQLDeveloper showing the correct right mouse click menu.


      Regards, Alex

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          Rename or delete the directory C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system<SQL Developer version>


          Start up of SQL Developer the system<SQL Developer version> will be regenerated and see if that fixes the issue.


          Caution: Delete/Rename of the working directory you will loose the existing connections and preferences saved in the SQL Developer. The software would work from default settings. Later you need to add your preferences and connections.

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            Aleksander Stopar

            Thank you for your suggestion - unfortunately it didn't make it work.


            I moved the suggested folder, executed a freshly installed sqldeveloper.exe and it gets even more weird: I can create connection by clicking the apropriate icon, however, the connections pane is completely empty, before creation of new connection and after, too. Here's a screenshot:


            As you can see I have a worksheet for my new connection, the window layout is default - I chose NOT to migrate any preferences, keep everything stock new - but the connections pane is empty. Right click in it produces nothing (is ignored?).




            I closed the empty connections pane, opened it again with View -> Connections, and this time it looked like it should from beginning with my connection. Tried to right mouse click (many times) on my connection - nothing happens. When right clicked on root node "Oracle Connections" I get the pop-up menu with options New connection, Import connections, export connections. After this, I right clicked on my connection and now the same menu appears  (which has the wrong menu entries for a connection pop-up).



            Update 2:


            it seems that SQL Developer is just "repeating" the last pop-up menu that it managed to show - if I right click on "Database Schema Service Connections" it correctly shows the pop-up menu with "New Cloud Connection" entry. Then if I right click on my "normal" connection, I get the same pop-up menu for Cloud connections; please see the screenshot below.


            Can someone else with Windows 10 Update 1809 try to reproduce this?


            Kind regards, Alex


            Update 3


            More Windows updates had happened throughout our organization and more coworkers are facing the same issue. It seems that it is a widespread Windows 10 Build 1809 compatibility issue.


            Update 4


            Reverting Windows to previous version using "Go back to previous version of Windows 10" option in Recovery options in Update history does solve the problem... temporarily until upgrade is forced on you again....


            I hope someone manages to fix this incompatibility for good.



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              Have you opened a service request with My Oracle Support or with Microsoft? This could be a Java bug, but more likely something changed with Windows - not with us.

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                Aleksander Stopar

                Hi Jeff,


                Thanx for reaching back and checking this out.


                We are reverting the updates. Later we'll open a case with Microsoft tech support. We'll need to find the time and a spare workstation that we can keep in unusable state for diagnosis, I guess before the update postponing expires.


                It seems that sqlcl is also affected - some strange behaviors observed (like no errors reported when there are obvious errors and more).


                Instant clients' sqlplus.exe seems works fine (no java dependencies?)


                Kind regards, Alex

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                  Exactly same problems here. Two workstations with Windows 10 build 1809 that show strange behaviour on right mouse click. Besides that some messaging / logging is not displayed.

                  Problem exists in SQL Developer versions 18.2, 18.4 and after installing older versions (4.2 en 17.4) the problem existed even there. Problems seems to be Microsoft /Windows related.


                  In contrast to that, two other PC's with same Windows 1809 build and SQL Developer 4.2 still running, don't experience any problems.


                  Kinds Regards,

                  Stefan Hofman

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                    Glen Conway

                    It seems a finger is getting pointed at the Windows update.  But doing a web search on that secondary error message the OP got when trying to configure SQL Developer to use OCI/Thick JDBC connectivity (Problem creating splash screen on ETD) came up with this post:



                    I know, I know, so many differences... different OS, possible single-monitor vs multi-monitor configuration, and so on. But the point is, the issue might arise from a conflict between installed video drivers and the Windows update. Jeff already mentioned issues between Java and the Windows update.


                    And Microsoft has halted / slowed / partially blocked the rollout of the 1809 update.  Here we are now in mid-February, my personal laptop is still at update 1803, but this article from last November details some of the quality issues 1809 has suffered from:


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                      Same issue here.

                      Win10 ver 1809.

                      SQL Developers tested:




                      JDK tested:




                      Numerous cleanups of  "C:\Users\yser_name\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer"  folders are performed.


                      "ScrnLock" button was tested too.


                      Nothing worked....



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                        Similar issue here on windows 10 - Right click menu doesn't work. Did any body got a resolution??


                        tried with: