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    Editing patch driver files


      Oracle Support provided us with a large EBS 12.1.3 patch to fix a small problem. We cannot justify the test resource for this, and Oracle Support confirmed that only 2 of the objects in the patch are needed (the large patch provides the same code-base that they used for testing but there are no dependencies). They were not willing to provide any further assistance (e.g. helping with an on-site fix, providing a targeted patch).


      Has anyone ever used adpatch to load customisations into EBS? E.g. creating your own patch driver and patch numbers in a new range (e.g. 100012345678)? Or has anyone ever edited the uXXXXX.drv file of a patch to remove (comment-out) all objects other than a small number of objects that are required, and amended the patch number (as described here)?


      I appreciate that this is not supported by Oracle, but it could be a way of managing customisation application, on-site fixes, etc. and I am interested in finding out whether this has been used anywhere else before.