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    DBAT Trusted Recon issues


      Hello Experts,


      Am new to OIM and need help to fix the issues.


      I have integrated DBAT as trusted recon for one of the Database(Oracle database).when i run for first time all the records created on particular table got synced to OIM as creation success.


      But when i change any values to in the table(for example if i change firstname from ABC to XYZ,XYZ is not syncing to OIM),changed values are not syncing to OIM,what is the reason here ?


      I have checked the components like Resource Object ,Recon fields in resource object and Process Defination,Recon rule,everything seems to be fine.AM i missing anything in Recon process ?


      FYI.. am not finding any process form for the integrated DBAT application,do we require Process form for the trusted Recon ?

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          Philipp Grigoryev

          Is your reconciliation an incremental one? Do you have a timestamp based recon? Is there any filtering applied?

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            Hello Philipp,


            Yes,recon is an incremental one.No it is not timestamp based recon.


            Yeah i have applied recon rule as User login equals Userlogin of the Database tables(that is what  you are asking,ssory if i answered you wrongly)

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              1.It is Full Recon

              2.No time stamp based recon,running manually everytime.

              3.No Filters are applied

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                Philipp Grigoryev

                Normally you would run a script to generate a DBAT based connector, which will create all the required artifacts for you. That's to answer your concerns about a process form. I'd say "no", you don't need a process form for trusted recon, b/c you don't have an account here to save its data separately.


                Still not sure how to understand your incremental vs full contradiction. Incremental is a type of recon where your connector (DBAT) will only capture changes from DB based on some incremental attribute, like a timestamp, for example. So even, if you change First Name in the table, but the timestamp column stays the same, your connector won't detect any changes.


                When you look at your scheduled task, does it have any Token field, which is populated? Also I assume you commit your changes to DB when you try to modify a record, right?

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                  Hello Philipp,


                  Thanks for the updates.


                  Yeah correct,when i generate and install the DBAT connector ,all the artifacts are got created.


                  Not sure,what is the wrong with the scheduler,it is not picking any changes made in the database tables.


                  i don't see any token field parameter in scheduler.


                  Yes,am committing changes if i change anything in the database.


                  Below are Parameters from the job… 


                  Job Information …   

                  Job Name DBAT Trusted Resource User Reconciliation

                  Task DBAT Trusted Resource User Reconciliation

                  *Retries Retries




                  Filter Filter

                  IT Resource Name IT Resource Name

                  Object Type Object Type

                  Resource Object Name Resource Object Name

                  Scheduled Task Name Scheduled Task Name

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                    Philipp Grigoryev

                    At this point really hard to suggest anything… Usually there are 2 reasons for that:

                    - there is really no change to data on resource

                    - connector doesn’t see it b/c of incremental attribute or filter



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                      - there is really no change to data on resource


                      --If i create any new user in the table ,new is creating/syncing in OIM with the action rule(No matches found create user).

                      --But,if make any changes to the attributes,changes are not reconciling to OIM,something is wrong with the recon rule ?


                      Three action rules which i had put


                      1.No matches found create user

                      2.Entity match found-establish link

                      3.Process match found -Establish link