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        However, bunchball.com or .net is not a gaming web site. Your Network admin needs to configure the Firewall accordingly. Your corporation may have an internal website where you can send a request to whitelist sites that are blocked for no good reasons. From your problem description I would say the culprit are your corporate security and audit polices. Is your Internet access restricted more than necessary, or is there perhaps an inexperienced network admin with too much say and power? Unless more people complain, I think chances are you have to sort it out on your end.

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          Salazkin Ann

          'more than necessary' is a vey subjective matter when you are talking security.... What I see is that is a problem of accessing this infor from Oracle Support web site for a while and it is recognized by Oracle and it was expected to be fixed in 2017  release...What is the current status on this ??

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            Bunchball is considered a safe site, that's not subjective. Are you sure the problem is not DNS or Firewall related on your end, and for example, not resolving top-level domains such as .net correctly, bad web proxy, etc.?

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              Stefan Jager

              You are giving rather mixed responses:

              Reply #5:

              this problem started a couple of weeks ago - in 2019?) - I made a co-worker to check on his points - and he sees his 100 points OK


              Reply #8:

              I am getting Access Denied when trying to access that site ... and it only happens on my machine.

              And then you seem to quote something from 2017, but since you only provided a screenshot of a reply, which does not describe any problem, but DOES say that Oracle's proposed solution didn't fix the issue. All of the above seems conflicting to me: 2017 is not a couple of weeks ago (2018 is however). Security is an important point, and not to be messed with, but both bunchball.net and bunchball.com are normal url's which can be trusted. If even those are blocked, your security levels would be so high you should not even be able to access community.oracle.com. "more than necessary" is not subjective imho.


              What I think is happening is that your admin's tightened access to websites, and for whatever imagined reason included bunchball. If those points are so important to you, then re-request access (since your co-worker seems to be able to, it shouldn't be that difficult - whether he has a different level of security from you or not). Or simply log on to another machine that HAS access, like your co-workers. I see no reason for Oracle to change this, but of course you can always ask.


              Oh, and as an afterthought: if you google bunchball, you'll see that some very respected and security minded organizations use it. Just include that with your request for access.

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                Salazkin Ann

                Stefan -

                there is no contradiction in my notes, just usual flow of the research process... One time I stated 'it is only happening on my machine' because  I think other people I tested it with were probably won a different sec. group/level.

                My references to 2017 are from a very good link  provided in this discussion by the user Dude - see :


                Check out that link and you see that this issue has a long history

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                  Here's the link to the reference/fix from 2017 you mentioned: Re: Point display and ranking is not working...


                  What does this say about your problem? I'm afraid nothing.


                  Trouble accessing nitro.bunchball.net can stop displaying points and reputation info according to past experience. The reason can be external or internal. If the problem is external, I suppose Oracle might be interested to investigate. But what's the point to fix a problem without knowing the cause, or perhaps even nothing being wrong? It does not seem like you know the reason for the problem.


                  From the perspective of a technical background, your research is more or less finger pointing but not giving real clues. Unfortunately no one else during this week has been confirming your issue, or perhaps not yet. However, unless you are able to provide more evidence...


                  Do you know how to check if the issue is limited to your end? Maybe ask if you can try the computer of your Network admin to see if it works from there.

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                    It seems that your issue is that when you login to Oracle Community from your work personal computer and network, you are not able to see your points.

                    If you login to Oracle Community from your home personal computer and network, are you able to see your points?

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