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    Reports Builder version for EBS 12.0.6   and EBS 12.2.6


      EBS 12.0.6  and 12.2.6

      OL 6.9


      Is Reports Builder 10g can be used both for EBS 12.0.6 and 12.2.6?  Or  do they need different versions?


      Because we used 10g on both, and  have issue in our custom reports (rdf) which is working good when deployed at 12.0.6,

      but NOT good when deployed at 12.2.6


      Below is the output in 12.0.6  (font is good)



      And below is the output in 12.2.6  (font is no good)


      uifont.ali  are the same also in both servers.


      Please help why the same RDF have different output font in EBS 12.0.6  and 12.2.6

      How do we resolve this?





      Kind regards,