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    OAM integration with SharePoint SSO




      I am trying to set up the OAM to sharepoint using the IIS Webgate and impersonation account (Troubleshooting Document: Doc ID 2046525.1)


      The SSO impersonation test for a sample site is working fine and it does display AUTH_USER and IMPERSONATE containing the same value i.e. logged in user’s id.


      However, when we try to access the sharepoint site following behavior is observed:


      1. User access the sharepoint URL

      2. Browser redirect happens to OAM Login page

      3. Successful /auth_cred_submit and then redirected to the sharepoint url

      4. The sharepoint homepage takes a very long time to load (loading images, html title etc)



      Currently I have /** as a protected resource for the Sharepoint. It seems it might be related to the ordering of the IIS modules?


      Has anyone faced the same issue previously? Any workarounds?