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    Obiee 11g audit IP Address of user in BI presentation services


      Hi everyone,

      We are using OBIEE11g as a BI tool.

      For monitoring reason we need to keep tracking of users who access reports and dashboards.

      It is implemented Usage tracking system with S_NQ_ACCT and S_NQ_DB_ACCT tables, and it works fine.

      We are required to keep tracking also the Host IP of the user that is accessing the environment (analyses, reports,etc).

      If we go to Administration->Manage Sessions there is a column-Host Address, but this column is available only for active sessions and is not recorded in the usage tracking system.

      Is there any way i can save this information in usage tracking tables (S_NQ_ACCT and S_NQ_DB_ACCT)?

      Or if there is some other way to retrieve this info?


      Please, i need some help!

      Thank you,