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    X7-2 HDD latency specifications

    Arturo Gutierrez


      I'm working with a X7-2 QR and I'm trying to find the technical specifications of physical disks, in terms of latency on read and write, bandwitch and so on.

      But I have not locate it.


      The info from cellcli is:

      CellCLI> list physicaldisk detail

      name:                   252:0

      deviceId:               6

      deviceName:             /dev/sdc

      diskType:               HardDisk

      enclosureDeviceId:      252

      errOtherCount:          0

      luns:                   0_0

      makeModel:              "HGST    H7210A520SUN010T"

      physicalFirmware:       A3Y1

      physicalInsertTime:     2018-10-11T11:59:54+02:00

      physicalInterface:      sas

      physicalSerial:         RBA6HV

      physicalSize:           8.91015625T

      slotNumber:             0

      status:                 normal


      The make model is HGST (Hitachi Global Storage tecnologies).

      Any know where find this technical info?


      Many Thanks