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    how to set up http://es-w12-apex1.mydomain.local/apex/f?p=102 to be accessible from  http://myappname.mydomain.local

    Anca Grozea


      I am using Oracle 12c, Apex, ORDS 17.4 and Apache Tomcat/8.5.9.

      All works quite fine but I really can’t figure out how to do the domain name rewrite. My application is located here:


      and my my users should access it from http://myappname.mydomain.local (it doesn’t matter if after this address some part of the initial url is visible – in fact I need to be able to connect to admin part using this name).


      I’ve checked the Tomcat URL Redirect but can’t figure out how to set it up for apex – I managed to define the virtual host for a simple site but not for apex via ords.

      I saw in ORDS can be defined URL path but also no luck with that.


      Could you please just guide me a little?


      Thank you in advance!