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    Recommendation about Subject Area in RPD

    Rai Qaiser Hussain


      I am working in hospital where there are 4 major domains






      every domain needs dashboards, KPIs and Scorecard

      Please share your knowlede either we should create subject area of every little requirement or we should create subject area of major domains as written above.


      Is there any recommendation or any issues with RPD in future due to multiple subject areas or any issue with RPD if we define subject area of so many tables



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          Gianni Ceresa

          I would say the subject areas structure is, at some point, the less important.

          The structure of the business model is way more important as the rule is simple: 1 subject area = 1 business model, 1 business model = N subject areas.


          So if your business models are structured nicely you can always have huge subject areas or very small and focused once with different security on it and drive the users to use one or the other.

          Also knowing that moving, as you aren't supposed to rename anything in the subject area, it's super quick (matter of seconds) to replace a subject area and point an analysis to another one.

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