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    Apresentar Discos de Terceiros no Exadata?




      Gostaria de saber se é suportado pela Oracle a apresentação de discos de terceiros(Outros fornecedores) no Exadata  X7.


      Preciso montar um novo FileSystem e tenho espaço disponível em um dos meus storages, se possível gostaria de usa-lo. 

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          Andris Perkons-Oracle



          "I would like to know if Oracle is supporting the presentation of third-party disks (Other vendors) in Exadata X7.
          I need to mount a new FileSystem and have available space in one of my storages, if possible I'd like to use it."


          I think this is "supported but not recommended". If you don't do it properly it will end in tears.

          Remember that external storage can only be attached via 10GbE (NFS or iSCSI, but no FCoE). There are no FC-HBAs in an Exadata.

          Check MOS note 2087231.1 for Guidelines. The document focuses on ZFS storage, but should apply to other storage solutions as well. But check that with Oracle support first.


          Are you talking about placing databases on this external storage? You should be aware that there will be no HCC on that storage (unless it is a ZFSSA), no SQL offloading and all the other nice features Exadata offers. Also, you will have to manage two stacks (Exadata and external storage) in order to run your database. So don't place any important or performance demanding databases there and expect longer time to resolution in case something should go wrong.

          Placing backups on external storage generally is OK.



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            Thank you!



            It is not the database no matter in question, as it is necessary to make available backup pieces.