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    Deprecation of Apache FOP PDF Support in ORDS 19.2

    Mike Kutz

      I'm aware of a few people use the External (Apache FOP) print engine.  This seems to directly affect them.


      Others people use custom code to integrate with other PDF Print engines.


      Deprecation of Apache FOP PDF Support

      Support for generating PDF responses for PL/SQL Gateway calls will be removed in ORDS 19.2.0. This will impact the features in Oracle Application Express relating to generating PDF documents. Future versions of Oracle Application Express will move to a new mechanism to generate PDF resources.

      Source: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/rest-data-services/downloads/ords-relnotes-v184-5227707.html


      What will be used as the Generator?


      (I'm guessing Apache PDFBox due to BUG:28787846)


      What will be used as the Template creator?


      Hopefully, they provide a WYSIWYG method built into the Application Builder app.  This is a personal wish, not fact.


      HOWTO use it?


      I'm looking for the replacement of:



      Will we be able to render Oracle JET Charts?



      Can we include Images stored as a BLOB in a table?



      Can we render Barcodes?


      If supported, the exact types should be listed. (1D and 2D?)


      Can we add additional fonts?


      Fonts that support foreign characters are the biggest problems I've seen in this area.


      Will APEX_UTIL.get_print_document() functions still work?


      IMHO, these procedures/functions should be placed in a different Package.



      I haven't seen anything beyond the ORDS 18.4 patch notes.  If you have any information, feel free to post a link to the source and a quick synopsis.  I'll update this entry as I can.