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    which all input sources from sales order header is available which can be utilized in both COGS/Revenue derivation in SLA.


      Hi all,

      we are trying to user an input source from sales order header which can be utilized in both COGS/Revenue in SLA

      Can someone please list the ones tried and tested.


      Business need -Items are segregated@ into multiple product families based on which the COGS/Revenue accounts and Productline segment vary in the SLA accounting.

      we tried using item attribute and inventory category along with order type. all these works, however there is a need to override these values in sales order header, as items of 1 product family may have to need to be charged to a different one.


      Hence we were trying to enable EFF in sales order header. However, we could not  see it in Costing.

      Is there any workaround for this, can we utilize any other field in sales order header which is a source in both Costing and AR for gettign right COGS/Revenue match?