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    Fusion Procurement -- Manage Purchasing Document Approvals -- Rejection reason for Automatic rejection

    Rahul -- Psft -Oracle

      Hi All


      How do we enter comments for Automatic Rejection?  How will the user know why their PO is rejected?

      The system supports Automatic rejection rules at all stages..

      Manage Purchasing Document Approvals has around 20 stages, which can all be active at the same time.


      For ex:- If The Automatic rejection rules are at two different stages . (Ex:- Preapproval Serial, Terms Serial), how will the user know which "rule" has rejected the Purchase order..

      Do they have to go through all rules (this will take a long time), to see what is the cause of rejection?


      If the user gets a comment/note saying that Field X is not valid, so it is rejected, then it will be easy to fix


      thanks in advance