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    Flash Cache database parameters and cell storage statistics

    Arturo Gutierrez


      I've a question regarding Flash Cache parameters .

      I've a 213 GB table , and I set at compute node the option:CELL_FLASH_CACHE              : NONE

      However at cell staorage If I query this object and their statistics:


      CellCLI>  LIST FLASHCACHECONTENT  where dbUniqueName=xxxxxxxx and objectNumber=1191444 detail

               cachedKeepSize:         0

               cachedSize:             105948876800 -->98GB

               cachedWriteSize:        93044736

               columnarCacheSize:      0

               columnarKeepSize:       0

               dbID:                   1166172376

               dbUniqueName:           xxxxxxxxx

               hitCount:               240988

               missCount:              31957

               objectNumber:           1191444

               tableSpaceNumber:       322


      This info is from a unique cell, but the same statistics are similar en other storage cells (4).

      If NONE is set at table level, the doc say that is not cached at flash cache the blocks from this object.

      Other question, is why the cachedSize if, I multiple *4 storage cells (400GB) is the double of table segment, that is 200GB.

      The cell storage version is: releaseVersion:

      Database version is

      Any know details about this options?