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    How to set the default price for PR released from MRP


      I have setup below:

      1. BPA/Quotation for items

      2. Create approved supplier list for the items, then assgin the BPA/Quotation to the items.

      3. Create sourcing rule and then create the line with the rule in the assgin set that set in MRP:Default Sourcing Assignment Set


      Then If I go to manually create a new PR with this item, then the PR line can auto-matically link to the BPA/Quotation, default the suplier/site and price for the PR.


      But when I go to release the same item from MRP workbench, the new PR can only get the supplier that setup in the sourcing rule, but will not get the price in the BPA/quotation.

      It seems MRP always get the list price in the item master.


      Is there any way to let PR release from MRP can get the BPA/Quotation price?