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    Latest Consolidated patches


      Note: Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Critical Patch Update Knowledge Document (January 2019) (Doc ID 2480398.1) say's to apply the latest Update,

      but the note Document 1594274.1, Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2: Consolidated List of Patches and Technology Bug Fixes. has not been updated with the current bundle patch. It is still on Oct 2018.  Does anyone know when it will be updated?


      For it to be so far behind interferes with applying the latest ETCC patches. The latest Weblogic patch is not in the ETCC so it breaks it if you apply the latest PSU / CPU/Bundle patch.

      Current listed patch in the note:  28494211 - EBS RELEASE 12.2 CONSOLIDATED FMW FIXES FOR OCT 2018

      Latest version for Jan 2019 -> 28710912: SU Patch 7HKN:WLS PATCH SET UPDATE


      Error in ETCC script output after applying the latest Weblogic patch set update
      Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS)
      Now examining product Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS).

      Oracle Home = /localapps/app/oracle/DEV1/fs1/FMW_Home/wlserver_10.3.
      Product Version =
      Unable to extract list of patches from Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) for version

      Verify XML file is correct and retry.



      Even though note: 2480398.1 say's to apply the latest bundle.  EBS is not ready for it including the ETCC or the Latest consolidated patch list. Nothing EBS , database included is updated with the latest bundle:


      The notes should be updated to reflect the current state of each other.  If the ETCC is not yet ready, note 2480398.1 should say, apply the previous update as we are not yet ready for the latest update.



      If note  2480398.1 says to apply the latest, then the ETCC and note 1594274.1,  should reflect this.


      This wastes a lot of my time to download the latest update and then wait weeks or sometimes months for all the merge patches to be prepared for it.  Or download the latest then see they are not listed in the consolidated list of patches document so whatever is being upgraded will have to wait for them to catch up with each other if you want to use the most current.


      Or just be a quarter behind and apply last years Oct 2018 in Jan 2019.

      How long does it normally take for the notes and patches and ETCC to catch up with each other?  What is the best month to apply the latest PSU for EBS?

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          I am seeing a similar issue.
          For Patch 28494211 the only instruction is to run unzip -o p28494211, nothing else. For database, there is a similar patch (Patch 28494210), but it unzipped into a different folder and when I run again to check the installation, it do not asked to install. Meanwhile for 28494211, it unzip on the current folder and keep showing when I run checkMTpatch.

          Should any variable such as $ORACLE_HOME be set ? How to install this patch ?