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    Way to display ROWID in Data or Query Result tab.

    Manoj Dixit



      We are using SQL Developer


      Is there any way to display data with (and order by) ROWID in a database table's Data tab or Query Results pane without specifically mentioning it? I have searched for it in Preferences but could not find a way. But if anyone is aware of it, it will be great to know.


      We want to load data from an Excel file using 'Import Data...' interface. We have noticed that the order of the rows may not always be the same in case there are duplicates in the Excel file or events (which are contents of the Excel file) that are based on a sequential order.


      Our DBAs have advised us not to use a trigger to insert NEXTVAL value to the primary key of the "Import Data.." into table. So, unfortunately, there's no single column that identifies the PK.


      The contents of the Excel file will be prepared by business end users and uploaded by other IT staff who are experts in providing support to the ultimate application but may not necessarily know SQL Developer or concepts such as ROWID, PKs, etc.


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