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    Installing ORDS not on localhost

    Joe the Jet

      Hi All,


      So we have a 12c db and we're trying to get ORDS working in development for now. All the documentation we can find seem to point to localhost, BUT, I don't want to run this on the box where my sql developer is installed, I just want to run it from the DB.


      What's the trick to getting this to work?





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          Install it anyehere you want.


          Where it's running, you'll have a jetty webserver listening on port 8080 by default, I think, and you'll access it my either it's network name or IP address


          What are you trying?

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            Franck N



            localhost is a hostname that means this computer. It is used to access the network services that are running on the host via the loopback network interface. But you need to Provide an environment where ORDS will be installed.

            If not on Localhost then provide during the installation the IP-adresse of the machine where the DB installed.


            Having SQL develloper on your Localhost does not mean that the DB is on the Localhost itself.


            or Login on the Maschine where you need to to install ORDS  & Proceed withe the installation there itself as localhost.




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              Joe the Jet

              Ok, so you should do the "standalone" set up and then reference the machine name or IP in the setup?


              It appears that it asks for the db connection is that also used for the Jetty side of things?