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    JavaCard: Hash for .../Debug.cap could not be verified



         I am facing a strange probleme when building an Applet and generating the apdus scripts. Depending on the application size the Debug.cap could not be verified. It seems that below 2,100 kbytes,  Debug .cap hash is correctly verified, above that the hash cannot be verified.

         I search in the environement if such a size limitation is tunable, but found nothing.

         Has someone have an idea ?  It will be helpful as I would like to use the cref debugger.


      If I remove the "Enable generation of Debugging information" in Java Card package settings, the build is fine and I can work with cref with limited debug capabilities.


        I work on Eclipse with jdk 8, java se 1.9.0_202-b08 and jcdk 3.0.5u3.