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    Does Forms 12c run on Oracle WebCenterPortal Virtual Machine



      I imported the Oracle WebCenter Portal VM into Oracle Virtual Box. I received this warning.


      The shared folder 'wcp12c' could not be set up: Shared folder path 'D:\VMs\WCP 12.2.1' is not absolute.

      The shared folder setup will not be complete. It is recommended to power down the virtual machine and fix the shared folder settings while the machine is not running.

      Error ID:      BrokenSharedFolder


      But basically I'd like to run Forms 12c on this VM. Does anyone know if Forms 12c is supported on this VM. And since Weblogic is already part of VM, all that I have to do is install Forms 12c and run rcu.bat, and rub config.cmd to create Domains?


      Thank you for your time.