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    How to solve REP-1401: and  ORA-03147: when using % character in before report


      Hi all.


      I'm using Forms and Reports 12c (


      I have the following issue running a particular report:

      El informe ha terminado con error:


      REP-1401: A fatal PL/SQL error occurred in program unit beforereport. ORA-03147: Missing mandatory TTC field .


      I have determined the problem is related with  the % character in a report parameter on a before report trigger:


      if instr(:p_co_grupo_producto,'%') = 0 then

           :p_co_grupo_producto   := :p_co_grupo_producto||'%';

         end if;


         if instr(:p_co_producto,'%') = 0 then

            :p_co_producto        := :p_co_producto||'%';

         end if;



      This report does not fail on C/S 6i.


      I would like a solution that works on C/S as well as on Web.


      Is it possible to know in what platform the report module is being run . Similar to get_application_property on Foms???


      Thanks so much in advance !!!.