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    IG Master detail - Always refresh detail


      APEX 18.2


      The Interactive Grid master/detail pattern works great out of the box but we just noticed one oddity. When the page is first loaded, the interactive grid widgets load up data into the client side model and refresh from the server based on client side user interactions.


      This works fine for the most part but in a real-world scenario it is possible that some other user (or back-end process) updates some data on the server. I thought stepping off the master record and stepping back on would re-fetch the detail data from the server but it doesn't appear to be doing so, it gets it from the model where it is stale.


      I know there is a lost row feature to address this but say both the master and detail interactive grids are being used in non-editable mode. All I really want to do is ensure that the detail grid always refreshed from the server instead of the cached model.


      Any ideas?