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    Oracle apex 18 and Ords 18


      Hi everyone,

      i have some question about apex and ords.

      I've recently installed new apex application (version 18) on a linux server. I've already installed another apex application on windows and i use OC4J Apache FOP to download report in PDF.

      In the new apex installation i want to try Oracle ORDS. I've correctly installed ords and test it but i need to undertands few things:


      - My apex application on the new server is installed with the port 7778 so if i want to connect to apex, i open browser and go to http://server:7778/apex/f?=....

      - Ords is installed on port 8080 and i see that if i want to connect to ords, the url is http://server:8080/ords/f?...

      - this means that if i use ords starting from now i've to connect to "ords" url to use my application and not to the old apex url (the one with 7778 port)??

      - If i connect to ords url, i see all my applications without images, but in ords config file, i've setted the apex/images directory. Why i cannot see the images?

      - If i have to use ords, there is a possiblity to run it in "silent" mode, so i can also use my linux server with putty?

      - If i have to use the new ords url, is possible to create a human readable url such as http://server/application?


      thanks in advance.