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    Store results of the Advisor in a table


      Hey mates,


      Is there a way to run the "Advisor tool" outside of the APEX environment? We have 25 applications developed with APEX, more than 500 pages and it's a pain in the neck to run the advisor manually prior each release. It's so boring that my team tend to forget about it... (it's not an excuse, they should do it but we all know that good developers are lazy people :))

      In an ideal world, I'd like to run the "Advisor tool" in a PL/SQL procedure, store all the errors in a table and give the possibility to my development team to flag the entries as "False positive" so that they won't appear next time. But I am struggling with the first point (I should be able to handle the next steps 8D).


      Did someone already investigate such possibility?

      I checked the plugins, only found the "Quality Assurance" one, is it the best option so far?

      I also tried to use the wwv_flow_advisor_dev.check_application procedure but it needs to be ran in an APEX environment.


      We are using APEX 5.2.