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    How to check column total in IG


      Apex 18.2.

      I have a master-detail page based on 2 tables(payment_term and payment_term_dtl) with 2 interactive grids. In this page the user should be able to define a name for the term and the details of it. For example a term called "20%10D-80%30D" indicates that the user should pay 20% after 10 days of the invoice's date and the rest of the 100% which is 80% should be paid after 30 days of the invoice's date. The detail region describes that as you can see in the page. I need to validate that the sum of percentages user enters does not exceed 100%. This should be verified when the user enters a percentage value and tries to leave the cell. For example, In the previous example, if the user modify the value of "80%" to "90%" and tries to leave the cell, an error should be displayed and prevent him from doing so because the sum will be 110% then(20+90). Something like that,


      if sum of the percentages entered > 100


      message('you can not exceed 100%');

      end if;


      Workspace= MY_WS

      user= forhelp

      password= forhelppwd

      app= MISC

      page= 9 payment terms