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    Is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring the same as  oracle management cloud service


      I wasnt sure where this was best posted but I want to get full clarity on the monitoring stack for use with Oracle products.


      In implementing EBS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (rather than SAAS), I want to understand the full picture as it seems a little disjointed.


      Is Oracle Cloud infrastructure Monitoring https://blogs.oracle.com/cloud-infrastructure/announcing-oracle-cloud-infrastructure-monitoring 

      the same as Oracle Management Cloud Service? https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/management-cloud/omcgs/oracle-management-cloud-license-information.html#GUID-A2F5635B-D7DE-4277-B707-035A96F19B26


      And where do the MOSC fit with regards this, additionally there are tenancy alerts.


      Are these all seperate concerns, or can one do each of these functions?