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    Problem with limit of apex_application.g_f01

    Patryk Mrozicki

      Hello. What is the max number of rows in apex_application.g_f01?
      I have a problem where sum of all f01-f50 will not exceed 9993 rows. I can easily reproduce the problem by creating a report with 10000 rows of apex_item.text(). When I submit and log f01.count then max is 9993. Can reproduce it only on my production environment which have better specs. On Dev I can not reproduce because when I try more than about 2.5k rows then I get "Internal Server Error".


      Is there a limit to that? Can I change it somewhere so I am able to submit a lot of data?
      Apex 5.1.4 - Oracle 11g

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          Hi Patryk


          As far as I know - there is not limit to the number og rows that can be produced by the apex_item API. Since there is nothing in the documentation about this, probably only Oracle can answer this.

          However you might run into server specific limitations when posting that many data (items) in a single POST call - perhaps you server log files can show you more details when you get "Internal Server Error".


          I would advice you to re-consider the tabular form/post method and look for another way to handle your requirements. Ex.:


          • Using the Editable Grid which will perform JSON based AJAX calls when updating data, instead of the POST, sending only the changed records.
          • Creating your own JavaScript solution which saves data immediately when the user changes an item. You can quite easily do this in APEX with and "AJAX process" and "Dynamic Actions" that fire on Change of the items


          Good luck