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    Oracle forms 10 - change Window help URL


      Hello, everyone. Let me ask you a question.


      There is a problem with adding Windows Help on the toolbar in Oracle forms.

      Compiling one fmb file can also be used for different purposes depending on the parameters.

      But the url addresses of Windows Help are the same.

      So I want to change one address. Is there a way?

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          In order to help you, we need more clarification on what you want to do and to what you are referring.  To what "URL" are you referring?  Are you referring to the default Help menu item as seen in the image below?


          The "Help" shown here is part of the menu.  If you want something different, you need to create your own Menu module (MMB/MMX).


          Also, there are no URLs in a Forms application except ones that you create and call with a built-in like WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT.  Remember that the client side of Forms is Java and not HTML. 

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            thanks for answering .


            that's not what i want.


            can you see question mark on your image? 


            i'm working on making help page by clicking the question mark.


            i resolved my problem by googling.


            anyway thanks