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    OBIEE Migration from Question


      For clarification, can anyone confirm the following regarding our converted 11g to 12c OBIEE system & the Compatibility Framework for Oracle BI Server?


      1) When we first created the 12c BI server, compatibility mode to 11g is not set by default.

      2) It is my observation that because we migrated our 11g system to the new 12c, compatibility mode got set to by the migration tool.  This is based on the current values in our NQSConfig.INI and bi-config.xml files & the fact that NQSConfig.INI compatibility takes precedence over bi-config.xml:


      Current value in the NQSConfig.INI file:




      Current value in the bi-config.xml file:



      3) In OEM for OBIEE, under the BI instance>Configuration>General Configuration, the dialogue box for 11g Compatibility mode is unchecked.

      4) According to the Oracle Documentation (Fusion Middleware Migration Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence)




      "The NQSConfig.INI file does not contain the COMPATIBLE_RELEASE parameter by default. The global bi:compat-mode-11g is the default flag and it applies to all Oracle BI EE components. When the bi:compat-mode-11g element in the bi-config.xml file is set to true, the BI Server compatibility framework behaves as if the COMPATIBLE_RELEASE were set to and it disables any features or bug fixes that would cause major compatibility issues during migration from 11g to 12c. However, if you explicitly edit the NQSConfig.INI file to set the COMPATIBLE_RELEASE parameter or any other compatibility flag, then the setting in the NQSConfig.INI file takes precedence over the global bi:compat-mode-11g flag specified in the bi-config.xml file."


      5) Based on my interpretation of the documentation & our current NQSConfig.INI settings, we are now running our BI system in 11g compatibility mode.  If we want to test our migrated BI system dashboards & Answers requests under a true 12c environment, we need to remove the COMPATIBLE_RELEASE = ""; entry from the NQSConfig.INI file and bounce services.   Am I interpreting this correctly?


      6) Has anyone had a need to run BI in 11g compatibility mode?