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    ODT 18.3 Schema Compare Update - ALTER Table instead of DROP & CREATE




      I am trying to track changes and versions of a database using ODT's Schema Compare with Visual Studio 2017, but I am coming across a problem with generating update scripts for versioning. When I try to generate the update script from the Schema Compare result interface, instead of just simply altering the table (in the instance of a column addition), the script that is generated is dropping and creating a new table with the additional column. I was wondering if there was any way to get the tool to generate with the alter command instead? The dropping is undesirable because, in most cases for versioning/upgrading of databases, we would want to keep the existing data.


      It looks like this may have been previously available from the documentation described here (Using the Schema Compare Tool > Viewing Schema Differences and Generating Diff Scripts > Steps 6&7). If the alter was intentionally removed in lieu of drop/create, is there any reasoning behind that?