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        No tiggers is there, it's a simple form,

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          This is only a guess as your text on the image says: "When I select one of these and Enter, the cursor is going to the next column..."


          You may be encountering the behaviour for the default key mapping of Enter.




          By default, whether deploying client/server or over the Web pressing the ENTER key takes the cursor to the next navigable item in the block. To override this default behavior it is necessary to modify the forms resource file to revise the key mapping details.

          Modify fmrweb.res and change the Forms Function Number (FFN) from 27 to 75 for the Return Key. The line should be changed to the following:

          10 : 0 : "Return" : 75 : "Return" 

          By default, the line is displayed with an FFN of 27 and looks as follows:

          10 : 0 : "Return" : 27 : "Return" 

          This line should NOT fire the Key-Enter trigger since the Return or Enter key is actually returning the Return function represented by the FFN of 27. The FFN of 75 represents the Enter function and fires the Key-Enter trigger.

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            Set the property 'Automatic Skip' to no for both the text item and LOV.

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