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    sizing an oracle application cloud environment  -  ERP Cloud instance


      Q1: we have
      a basic (development) instance of ERP Cloud.
      The developpers would like to do some performance testing with the ERP
      Integration API; as per crunching large files upload.  Is it possible to resize a test environment
      (service instance) to process data volume and to mesure throughput results  and then when the performance test is over to reduce back the testing instance?

      In affirmative what is the request to do and to whom at Oracle?


      Q2: If it's the resizing of a test instance is not possible or not suitable, what would you recommend to do performance testing ?  starting from ERP cloud version 13, a guy from MyOracle support told me that the subsciption is sized size accordingly to
      factors like : #users, application ERP Cloud, data volume, desired throughtput,
      frequency of Integration requirements or otherwise , is it the case ?

      Thanks in advance.