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    ORDS database authentication - only for plsql gateway?

    Vanja Keglević



      is ORDS database authentication only intended to be a replacement for the old plsql web gateway? https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-rest-data-services/18.4/aelig/developing-REST-applications.html#GUID-BA4F699C-A1F9-4306-A5BE-CE30FBBB876A

      e.g. could you use it for ORDS modules, ORDS auto sql and plsql? I assume no.

      Initially I thought it could be used for all ORDS functionalities, without the need to use the (for me at least) complicated OAuth.

      If so, does anybody know a simple way to use database users to authenticate and authorize to ORDS web services?


      Thanks in advance,