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    RSS Desktop Receiving Open Amount diff than F4311


      I have a requisition and PO with several lines.   We use RSS Desktop receiving and the open amount in the F43E11 is zero for some lines or less than the open amount for the PO in the F4311.   


      There should be remaining opening amounts on all the lines.  Now, we can not use the Desktop receiving because most of the lines do not appear in the RSS application.   Receiving is done using P4312 since the amounts in the

      F4311 and F43E11 are out of synch.    I am not sure how this occurred, still trying to duplicate it.   


      My questions is, what is the proper way to get the requisition status to completed (status 03).   I don't think it should be cancelled, but now I have a few lines of this requisition at status 08 - ordered and the others are at status 03 - completed.  The PO still has open amount on all the lines.