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    ORDS 18.3 connection pooling



      I have deployed and configured ords 18.3 but i don't undestand his behaviour

      the default.xml file jdbc parameters are :


      <entry key="jdbc.DriverType">thin</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.InactivityTimeout">1800</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.InitialLimit">10</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.MaxConnectionReuseCount">1000</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.MaxLimit">100</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.MaxStatementsLimit">20</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.MinLimit">10</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.statementTimeout">300</entry>


      We have severals crash with this kind of errors :

      Error: Could not obtain a database connection because all connections in the pool: |foo|| were in use. Borrowed Connections: 50 Available Connections: 0 Maximum Connections: 50 ***

      [i have already increase the maxlimit and decrease statementtimeout]


      and i don't see always at least 10 connections open on my db

      do you know if it's a normal behaviour of ORDS 18.3 (in ORDS 18.2 i see at least 10 connections) ?


      Is someone have explanation of this curious behaviour ...