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    Configure the XPath Expression in b2b

    Anindya G


      Can anyone please help me out. I have a payload attached below.


      In B2B console under XPATH of Document Definition I want to get the value of "Element-285" as Order, so I am putting the following values in B2B console, but the value is not getting fetched in b2b_instancemessage table of XX_SOAINFRA schema.


      Values I am putting in B2B console under Document Definition are:


      XPath Name1: 'Element-285'

      XPath Expression1: //inputVariable/B2BM/Payload/Transaction-945/Segment-W06/Element-285/text()


      I have tried with other possible variations too as follows, but no success:


      1) /*[local-name()='inputVariable']/B2BM/Payload/Transaction-945/Segment-W06/*[local-name()='Element-285']

      2) //Transaction-945/Segment-W06/Element-285/text()

      3) Segment-W06/Element-285/text()

      4) /*Transaction-945/Segment-W06/Element-285/text()


      Payload is attached