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    Service Unavailable Error  Apex 5.1.4


      I am having a problem in Apex 5.1.4 (using EPG).


      In the developer I have changed the SQL for an existing Interactive Grid .

      When I go to save the SQL  it gives me the message Error : Service Unavailable.


      I am able to change other things on this report.

      For example , I changed the heading on one of the columns and successfully saved that.

      I was also able to create a new page with a simple SQL query without a problem.


      I copied the SQL into SQL developer and it ran there fine.


      I noticed that the APEX_PUBLIC_USER was expired and locked so I had the DBA  unlock / unexpire this user. 

      Still does not work.


      Everything else seems to work in this Apex installation. 

      This problem just started happening.


      I appreciate any help or insights here.