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    Need End of Support Life Dates


      Hi Team,

      Kindly let me know how to get End of support life dates for Storage device below:-

      Storagetek L700

      Sun Storagetek L700

      Sun Storagetek SL8500

      Sun Storagetek SL500

      Sun StorageTek L20

      Sun StorageTek L500

      Sun StorageTek L180

      Storagetek L180

      StorageTek SL500

      StorageTek SL8500

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          Read: List of Supported Oracle Hardware (With Last Ship Dates Announced) (Doc ID 1450710.1)

          EOS/EOSL is typically 5 years after last ship date (EOL)  of the product.  But can be prolongate.


          Storagetek L700 ; Sun Storagetek L700                                              EOL JAN 2009  Support acive

          Sun Storagetek SL8500; StorageTek SL8500                                     No EOL.  Support active.

          Sun Storagetek SL500 ; Sun StorageTek L500; StorageTek SL500   EOL  May 2013  Support active

          Sun StorageTek L20                                                                            EOL Dec 2002.  Not supported.

          Sun StorageTek L180; Storagetek L180                                              EOL 2006   Support active.