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    creating kernel zone from uar with missing AI Media




      I'm new to kernel zones.    I have created several uar files using archiveadm containing Sol11.3 server images.    These were running LDOMs at one time.    I was hoping to use "zoneadm install" to create Sol11 kernel zones from these UAR files.   However, I've hit a roadblock.     The images were created without any "AI Media" value.   Is there a way for me to specify the "AI Media" during zone install time after the UAR file has been created?


      root@rdcsun01:~# zoneadm -z qsts64v11-01 install -a /dept/solaris/images/DDTSBaseS64Solaris11.uar

      zoneadm: zone qsts64v11-01: WARNING: Skipping network interface: interface 'net0' is used in the global zone.

      Progress being logged to /var/log/zones/zoneadm.20190301T154456Z.qsts64v11-01.install

      ERROR: Archived zone global has no AI media

      zoneadm: zone 'qsts64v11-01': ERROR: installation failed:  zone switching to configured state


      root@rdcsun01:~# archiveadm info --v /dept/solaris/images/DDTSBaseS64Solaris11.uar

      Archive Information

                Creation Time:  2018-09-27T20:07:42Z

                  Source Host:  racsol04007

                 Architecture:  sparc

             Operating System:  Oracle Solaris 11.3 SPARC

             Recovery Archive:  Yes

                    Unique ID:  81a37f90-fbe0-44b4-ae0b-fd036a75a99e

              Archive Version:  1.0


      Deployable Systems


                   OS Version:  0.5.11

                    OS Branch:

                    Active BE:  Sol-

                        Brand:  solaris

                  Size Needed:  8.9GB

                    Unique ID:  6cd72256-5ef3-4dcc-9799-e7eda1cc4f5a

                     AI Media:

                    Root-only:  Yes