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    Records are getting deleted using GO_BLOCK and EXECUTE_QUERY in Form Personalisation


      Hello Gurus,


      In Form Personalisation I am calling a Procedure where I am populating the Fulfillment set name using oe_order_pub.



      I did the part in the procedure :


      l_line_tbl (l_line_tbl_index).fulfillment_set := substr(rec_cur_ord.cust_po_number,1,30);



      oe_order_pub.Process_order (p_api_version_number => 1.0

                                    ,p_init_msg_list  => fnd_api.g_false

                                    ,p_return_values  => fnd_api.g_false

                                    ,p_action_commit  => fnd_api.g_false

                                    ,x_return_status  => l_return_status

                                    ,x_msg_count      => l_msg_count

                                    ,x_msg_data       => l_msg_data

                                    ,p_header_rec     => l_header_rec

                                    ,p_line_tbl       => l_line_tbl

                                    ,p_action_request_tbl => l_action_request_tbl

                                    -- OUT PARAMETERS

                                    ,x_header_rec     => x_header_rec

                                    ,x_header_val_rec => x_header_val_rec

                                    ,x_header_adj_tbl => x_header_adj_tbl

                                    ,x_header_adj_val_tbl => x_header_adj_val_tbl

                                    ,x_header_price_att_tbl => x_header_price_att_tbl

                                    ,x_header_adj_att_tbl => x_header_adj_att_tbl

                                    ,x_header_adj_assoc_tbl => x_header_adj_assoc_tbl

                                    ,x_header_scredit_tbl => x_header_scredit_tbl

                                    ,x_header_scredit_val_tbl => x_header_scredit_val_tbl

                                    ,x_line_tbl       => x_line_tbl

                                    ,x_line_val_tbl   => x_line_val_tbl

                                    ,x_line_adj_tbl   => x_line_adj_tbl

                                    ,x_line_adj_val_tbl => x_line_adj_val_tbl

                                    ,x_line_price_att_tbl => x_line_price_att_tbl

                                    ,x_line_adj_att_tbl => x_line_adj_att_tbl

                                    ,x_line_adj_assoc_tbl => x_line_adj_assoc_tbl

                                    ,x_line_scredit_tbl => x_line_scredit_tbl

                                    ,x_line_scredit_val_tbl => x_line_scredit_val_tbl

                                    ,x_lot_serial_tbl => x_lot_serial_tbl

                                    ,x_lot_serial_val_tbl => x_lot_serial_val_tbl

                                    ,x_action_request_tbl => x_action_request_tbl




      When I am trying to the above exercise the fulfillment set is getting populated perfectly.But I can view the fullfillment set name only if i re-query the Order.


      Then what I did is that I put the built in in the form personalisation after the call to the above procedure I used the below built in






      But sometimes after the put the above built in I found the records are getting deleted if i used the GO_BLOCK and EXECUTE_QUERY.


      Please advise