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    Pointer to connection pooling documentation (ORDS 18.4.x)


      Planning to have several mapped workspaces under one Apache+ORDS(tomcat) installation.

      How to make optimal settings for connections, so that the connections wont become 'bottleneck' for the setup.


      rgrds Paavo

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          how many concurrent users will you have?


          on average how long does a request take to complete - how slow are your queries and stored procedures?


          Some great advice here


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            Thank you  thatJeffSmith-Oracle - you got me to the deep end of the pool The end-user amount will dependent depending about the workspaces-pdb to be clued to the servers. Basically looks like small balancing excercise, also because the new cool ws features ords+apex provides. So there will be also api-users, not only apex app end-user.
            There are badly and well performing views and packaged plsql, most of them are pretty tuned already with indexes. Most of the pages work well in present old setup but new setup I expect to be faster because of e.g. apache with /i/ as a front for tomcat.


            What I was really looking is how to beef-up iow. max out the connection settings as a quick win so that it will not be the first thing to be fixed in the setup. Also if the relationship with apex app (sso based) session timeouts, ords connection timeouts + potential firewall setups are dependent from eachother and should be planned carefully. It seems that it would be good to be able to monitor the connection health.


            rgrds Paavo


            I had interesting experience several years ago when we moved from epg to ords and certain apex collection based tabular forms started to slow down etc. , and by that time I ended to rewrite those with dynamic actions.  Also upload functionalities in apex were (are?) challenging with max file sizes and potential timeouts?