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    How to refresh Package node without closing SQLDev?

    Blue Bird

      In SQLDev 18.4 I'm noticing that in Connections > Packages is not refreshing properly where Procedures and Functions are visually case sensitive. For example in below test package I by mistake type TestProC instead of TestProc, like is in Declaration section. When I change this into TestProc and recomplile whole package, tree on the left side still show TestProC, even if I close and reopen connection used for this package. I can even drop the package and compile again. The only solution which refresh tree is to close and reopen SQLDev, what I don't wan't to do because I have many temporary worksheets and I don't want to save each one.

      Is there some other way which more "deeply" refresh this panel without closing the app? Can someone else confirm this as bug?


      Thank you,