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    Mobile device for Inventory & Stock taking

    Christian Lupprich-Oracle

      In the past we were using Symbol´s MC55/MC40 for the mobile part of Inventory Management or Materials Control - as MC40 is EOL and Windows 10 doesn´t support Active Sync, what´s the current solution?

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          Christian Lupprich-Oracle

          There is a new mobile application available for both Inventory Management and Materials Control running on Oracle Micros Tablet 700 family


          One of the main benefits of the application is to reduce the time it takes for daily transactions as you would not need to search for items manually anymore instead of identifying them by scanning the product barcode.

          In order to be able to scan barcodes on the menu items  the full featured model of Tablet 700 family will be required


          What is the minimum application version for the new inventory mobile solution?

          • Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management 8.4.3
          • Oracle Hospitality Materials Control 18.1


          Necessary software for setting up the tablet is included in the latest application patches on MOS or in the downloadable software packages on Oracle's Software Delivery Cloud